UK HealthCare Employees Go RED!

Published 02-11-2010 2:20 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

February is American Heart Month, which always seems appropriate given the fact that Valentine's Day is in February. We tend to think of this month as the "month of hearts." By the way, have you guys made your Valentine arrangements yet? This past Friday, February 5th, was Go Red for Women day; however, I have to admit that I forgot to wear red! I have always taken pride in my efforts to be "thoughtful / planful."  I had planned all week to wear all of my red apparel, but I totally forgot until I was driving in to work and I heard the guys on the radio station talking about their red ties. 

Fortunately many of our UK HealthCare employees did remember to do their part by participating in the American Heart Association's (AHA) fight against heart disease by wearing red and raising awareness. By donating $5 to the AHA, employees could even dress down and wear jeans.   Although I did not plan to wear jeans, I have to admit that I felt very self conscious on Friday wearing my green wool blazer and tie. As seen from the pictures below many donations were collected! Even Dr. Karpf and Dr. Lofgren wore red with one of them going the extra mile....see the picture below.

This month the American Heart Association promotes a focus on increasing the awareness of the dangers of heart disease and stroke. Many do not realize that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States and that it can be prevented or controlled.

Prevention has continued to be a key component during the health care reform discussions and will continue to be emphasized as we incorporate wellness into our culture. Americans can lower their risk of heart disease by leading a healthy lifestyle. I hope that next year I will remember to wear my red tie on Go Red for Women Day!

For more information please visit the American Heart Association's website and UK HealthCare's Gill Heart Institute. 



A visit to the Cardiology Clinic 


L to R:  Kim Pennington and Melissa Carter 


L to R: Phyllis Burton and Margie Roloson 


Family Care Center Team 


Dr. Karpf taking a quick break to look up for a picture. 


Dr. Lofgren...going the extra mile.
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