'Props' to the Family Care Center & UK's Medical/Dental Clinic

Published 02-04-2010 12:38 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

When I returned to UK from my days in Frankfort, one of the first meetings I attended related to the future direction of health clinic at the Family Care Center on Red Mile Road.  UK has been involved in the Family Care Center since its origination and a lot of great work goes on there. This includes classes for teenage mothers, day care for their children, our medical / dental clinic, and UK's pediatric residency program.

As I've posted about previously, UK HealthCare took over full management of the medical clinic on July 1, 2009. I think everyone involved would say that it has been a resounding success. I want to again thank everyone who has been a part of this transition. When I visited the clinic two weeks ago, it was so rewarding to see many smiling faces. This was quite a contrast to the atmosphere a year ago. It was fantastic to see the dental clinic back in full swing under the direction of the UK College of Dentistry!

People are paying attention to the work of our medical professionals and staff at the Family Care Center Clinic. Within a week, the Lexington Herald Leader and the Mayor of Lexington referenced the successful partnership at the Family Care Center. Here is a link to the Herald Leader story (http://www.kentucky.com/267/story/1109920.html) which is worth reading.

And also, the following is an excerpt from Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry's "state of the merged government" address on Tuesday, January 26:

"This past year also marked a major transition at our Family Care Center - a wonderful facility that provides low income families with one-stop access to child care, education, health care and a variety of other social services. Beginning in 2007, our Department of Social Services started looking for ways to make the medical clinic at the Family Care Center work better, and last summer, those efforts culminated in an agreement by which the University of Kentucky's College of Medicine assumed responsibility for operating the medical clinic - a clinic long used by UK to train their medical residents. In addition, we took a much more business-like approach to both billing and collecting funds owed to the clinic from Medicaid and other payors. As a result, we have collected an additional $168,000 from accounts that had historically been left uncollected, and at the same time UK is seeing a 30% increase in patient visits.

UK is re-establishing dental services at the Family Care Center - a major improvement in the level of service provided at the Center. In FY07, LFUCG was required to subsidize the Family Care Center by covering an assortment of overhead costs. Now, after expanding services and increasing patient visits, we are anticipating that the payment from UK under its operating agreement will result in $106,000 coming to the LFUCG General Fund in FY10 - a remarkable turnaround!"


Our very own Stitches from the Kentucky Children's Hospital welcomes patients 


Family Care Center Team


Sherry VanAmburg, Dr. Josh Sullivan, Shannon Yankey 


Preparing for patients 


Dr. Sullivan reading x-rays


Hilda Haney and Beata Pickens working hard at the front desk


A preview of the art that covers the walls at the Family Care Center


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