What Every Horse Rider Needs to Know

Published 01-22-2010 3:10 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  



Motorcycle riders experience a serious injury every 7,000 hours of riding. In contrast, horse riders have a serious injury - every 350 hours!  

In 2007, 78,000 people were seen in emergency rooms in the United States due to horse-related injuries; 9,600 of those needing further hospital treatment.  In fact, horseback riding ranked first for the largest percentage of emergency visits for nonfatal traumatic brain injuries, in terms of sport related injuries.

Saddle Up SAFELY is a horse riding safety campaign, led by Kentucky's First Lady, Jane Beshear, and John Long, CEO of United States Equestrian Federation, as well as UK HealthCare, the UK College of Agriculture, and over 20 community and horse-related organizations.  This effort recently launched a billboard campaign to generate awareness of this safety issue.  Through Saddle Up SAFELY, UK HealthCare seeks to educate current and future riders about the hazards of riding. In addition we want to promote simple steps that can be taken to prevent accidents. The hope is to encourage the horse riding public to practice safe horsemanship, therefore reducing the number and severity of horse riding injuries.

This campaign could not come at a better time with the World Equestrian Games around the corner, which UK HealthCare will be the official medical provider.  If you go to the Saddle Up SAFELY website, you will see there are plenty of safety tips and advice from Dr. Camargo, a UK horse riding safety expert.  See below for the website address.  There is also an interactive section where horse riders who have safety tips or have been injured previously, can share their stories and advice.  If you are among those who submit entries, you could have a chance to win four tickets to the FEI Alltech World Equestrian Games this fall.  Visit the website for further instructions.

If you would like hard copies of the Saddle Up SAFELY booklet, call Connie Brewer at 859-323-5508 or email her at cjbrew2@uky.edu.

Saddle Up SAFELY Website:

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