"Grandad" to the Rescue

Published 01-15-2010 1:57 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

Most of you have been following the aftermath of the very powerful earthquake which struck Haiti last week.  As I was watching the news coverage of the earthquake and the recovery efforts, I was quite surprised to hear that the USS Carl Vinson was the first  rescue ship to Haiti.  This information was especially interesting to me since my late father's name was Carl Vinson Birdwhistell.  My children and their cousins took great delight in the news coverage about the rescue efforts because the ship that carried their "Grandad's" name was arriving in Haiti.  For a couple of days their Facebook pages were full of references to "Grandad to the Rescue". See the picture below of the USS Carl Vinson.   I have not been able to obtain a linkage between my father's name and the late Congressman from Georgia, for whom the ship was named.  Needless to say, it is very interesting to see that even the spelling is exactly the same.

One week has passed, and millions of people still remain in need of aid. I encourage my readers to contribute to these relief efforts if they have not done so already. President Todd, on behalf of the University of Kentucky, has extended his deepest sympathies to all students, faculty, and staff who have been affected by this unexpected tragedy. A list of organizations has been provided for those who are looking to contribute financial support.  Along with President Todd, UK HealthCare would like to encourage you to visit the following links to learn more about the relief effort taking place.

The City of Lexington also has a variety of links that may be of help, which can be found at the address below.


USS Carl Vinson arrives in Haiti. 

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