UK vs U of L Game a Win-Win Situation

Published 01-08-2010 2:19 PM | Mark D. Birdwhistell  

Last Saturday most of us watched as Coach Calapari and the UK Wildcat Basketball team played the University of Louisville Cardinals.  The tensions were very high during the game but fortunately the Wildcats were victorious over the Cardinals. For many of us, the traditional UK / U of L rivalry isn't just about sports. I recently posted about the annual "Gift of Life Challenge" between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville This year marked the 9th annual "GIFT OF LIFE CHALLENGE" between the two schools.  They compete annually for the most number of newly registered Kentucky residents on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.  The school with the most number of registrants during the competition is awarded a trophy at the annual rivalry basketball game.

I am happy to say that UK won the Gift of Life Challenge with a score of 199 to 49! The margin of the basketball game wasn't quite so large (see scoreboard below) but we were victorious on both competitions!

Not that anyone like me is keeping track of the wins and losses in the Challenge, BUT here is a history of this worthwhile competition:

2001 Challenge - UK

2002 Challenge - UK

2003 Challenge - UK

2004 Challenge - U of L

2005 Challenge - UK

2006 Challenge - U of L

2007 Challenge - UK

2008 Challenge - U of L

2009 Challenge - UK

The Wildcats lead the Cardinals 6 - 3

Dr. Karpf proudly stands with the group presenting and accepting the trophy as you can see from the picture below.

Thank you to all my readers who registered. By registering you have the opportunity to save a life. Saturday's Competition was indeed a WIN -WIN for the University of Kentucky and the citizens of the Commonwealth!  



L-R: Jenna Crowdus, Murphey Coy, Dr. Michael Karpf, Doug Hall- Floyd Circuit Court Clerk and President of the KY Circuit Court Clerks' Trust for Life Board of Directors, Roger Schott- Laurel Circuit Court Clerk and Vice President of the Trust for Life, David Nicholson- Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk and Trust for Life Board member, Mike Mays- Owsley County Circuit Court Clerk, and John Frank- Green County Circuit Court Clerk. 



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