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  • UK Program for Bioethics

    Welcome to the UK Program for Bioethics website. This program brings people of the UK HealthCare clinical enterprise together with multidisciplinary colleagues with skills and interests in the field of bioethics.

    The UK Program for Bioethics is responsible for bioethics education and consultation to the UK HealthCare clinical enterprise and the wider University of Kentucky campus. Our program is also involved in education and outreach for the wider clinical community throughout Kentucky, and we are available as a public education resource on bioethics nationwide. View information on the UK HealthCare Ethics Committee.

    We are excited to announce two inaugural bioethics conferences for our regional healthcare providers:

    The first annual University of Kentucky Bioethics Conference will be held on Friday, September 30, 2016!

    The first annual Kentucky Healthcare Ethics Consortium (KYHEC) Conference will be held on Thursday, September 29, 2016!

  • Clinical ethics consultations

    We have a clinical ethics consult service that deals with ethical issues and dilemmas in the patient care setting, which may involve patients, family members, the doctor-patient relationship or clinical colleagues. Examples of clinical ethics issues include:

    • Confidentiality in the clinical setting
    • Diminished capacity to consent 
    • Informed consent
    • Surrogacy issues
    • Advanced directives
    • Withdrawal or refusal of treatment 
    • End-of-life decision-making

    These issues can be complicated by a variety of socio-economic, cultural or language barriers.

  • Bioethics consortium

    Welcome to KYHEC!  We are excited to announce a new opportunity for ethics networking, education and training - the Kentucky Healthcare Ethics Consortium.  KYHEC will officially launch in July 2016 and membership in the consortium is open to all hospitals in Kentucky and the surrounding area.

    If you are interested in learning more about KYHEC, please contact Dr. Rebecca Yarrison by e-mailing r.yarrison@uky.edu or calling 859-323-6407. 

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  • Bioethics education

    We provide bioethics education to the UK clinical enterprise in the form of grand rounds, graduate medical education (GME) or other continuing medical education (CME) activities. For a list of educational presentations delivered to date, contact the program director. We are also the educational resource for the clinical enterprise surrounding ethics and professionalism, moral distress and moral residue in the clinical setting, and organizational ethics in the clinical setting. Independent study in bioethics can also be arranged for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the university, depending on their program requirements.

  • Bioethics Films 

     A wide variety of films serve as bioethics teaching aids. See our lineup of films below. We can offer bioethics education for any clinical or non-clinical department using any film in our catalog.

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