Schwartz Rounds™ at Kentucky Children's Hospital

Schwartz Rounds™ at Kentucky Children's Hospital are presented six times a year by the UK Program for Bioethics in coordination with the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. These rounds are facilitated by Ashwin Krishna and championed by Joey Burke and John D'Orazio.

Schwartz Rounds™ are also offered at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital.

If you have a case you would like to suggest for Schwartz Rounds™ at Kentucky Children's Hospital, please feel free to speak with a member of the planning committee (listed below).

Spring 2017 season

Friday, February 3

Noon-1 p.m., NURS-115 Auditorium

This Is Not Why I Went into Medicine: A Case of Compassion Fatigue
Panelists: Carol Castle, RN, BSN; Vlad Radulescu, MD; and Kara Gore, LCSW

Friday, April 7

Noon-1 p.m., MN-363 Auditorium

What If...? x 5
Panelists: Sarah Moore, RD, LD; Kelsey Montgomery, DO, MHA; Sharon Wilham, RN, BSN; Brendan Richardson, PA-C; and Augustine Chapin, RN, BSN 

Friday, June 2

Noon-1 p.m., MN-463 Auditorium

Meeting Kids Where They Are
Panelists: Erich Maul, DO, MPH; Brad Gee; Bridgett Hagan, RD, LD; and Terrance Langford  

Mark your calendar for our Fall 2017 season!

Friday, August 4     
Friday, October 6                     
Friday, December 1


View a list of previous Schwartz Rounds™ at Kentucky Children's Hospital. 

Planning Committee

  • Becky Yarrison
  • Kim Browning
  • Joey Burke
  • John D'Orazio
  • Ashwin Krishna
  • Tiffany Roland
  • Rachel O'Farrell
  • Christie Young
  • Horacio Zaglul
  • Margaret Pisacano
  • Katie Smallwood
  • Nima Desai
  • Carli Holtzhauer
  • Elizabeth Troutman Adams
  • Audrey Karbon
  • Megan Hall
  • Christine Ross
  • Anna Bullard
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