Schwartz Center Rounds® at Kentucky Children's Hospital - Archive


Fall 2014 

  • August 1: "When It's Not Just Work" with panelists Tom Young, MD; Nina Farhoudi, PharmD; Kevin Pinto, RN; Barbara Waldmann-Ward, RN; and Melissa Horn, RN
  • October 3: "At the Crossroads of Faith and Medicine" with panelists Akshay Sharma, MBBS; Dianna Holtzhauer, RN; and M. Sara Rosenthal, PhD
  • December 5: "Behind the Scenes Connections: Valuable Contributions" with panelists Rose Moreland, CPC; Angel Tur, CMI; Melissa Kesler, MD; Barbara Thies, Ed Richer, MD; and Latoya Hill


Spring 2014 

  • February 7: "How Did You Get Here and Why Do You Stay?" with panelists Sean McTigue, MD; Trinaye Pierson, RN; Meg Halstead, CCLS; Anil George, MD; and Gloria Samaan, NCT
  • April 4: "When Kidneys + Care ≠ Hope" with panelists Aftab Chishti, MD; Jane Anne Smith, APRN; and Leighnia Nance, RN
  • June 6: "Food Fight: When It Feels Like There Is No Way to Win" with panelists Lindsay Ragsdale, MD; Megan White, MD; and Amy Parrish, RD

Fall 2013 

  • August 2: “Raising a Patient: Caring for Extended-Stay Babies” with panelists Mary Smith, Sean Skinner and Tria Kinnard
  • October 4: “Live, Love, Laugh and Carry On” with panelists Jamshed Kanga, MD; Lisa Butcher, RN, BSN; and Karen Howard, RN
  • December 6: “An Adult Dying in a Children’s Hospital” with panelists Andrea Nichols, RN; Lars Wagner, MD; Rachel O’Farrell, LCSW; and Renee Rainey, RN


Spring 2013 

  • February 1: “A Patient's Anger, A Family's Struggle: Diving Accident Leads to Disability” with panelists Jordan Heflin, Kristin Dawson and Tiffany Roland
  • April 10: “Caring in the Setting of Tragedy” with panelists Jay Fulton, Jessica Lawrence and Joe Iocono, MD
  • June 7: “How Could They Do That? Responding to a Case of Severe Neglect “ with panelists Jaime Pittenger, Meg Gampher, and Stephanie Durbin

Fall 2012 

  • September 12: “One in a Million (White Cells): A Medically and Socially Challenging Patient” with panelists Amy Brin, Holly Chitwood and Sherry Bayliff
  • December 7: “Mirror, Mirror: Intravenous Drug Use in Adolescents” with panelists Goutham Hebbalmath, Jason Joy, Karen Lommel and Madeline Ray
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