Schwartz Rounds™ at Good Samaritan Hospital - Archive


Spring 2016

  • February 20: "Out of Time, Out of Energy: The Stress of Caring All the Time" with panelists Alan Hendren, RN; Theresa Crossley, RN; and Wendy Gravitt, RN
  • April 17: "When Care Is Rejected" with panelists J.D. Gentry, MD; Donna Lane, RN, BSN; Melissa Begley, BA; and Rita Bailey, BSN, RN-BC
  • June 19: "Can a Little Go a Long Way?" with panelists Robbie Huellemeier, PT, DPT; Jo Ann Maddox, RN; Cathy DePriest, RRT; and Saurav Suman, MD

Fall 2016

  • August 15: "Always Evolving: Changing Times at Good Sam" with panelists Norma Hatton; Lisa Thornsberry, RN, MSN; and Carrie Taylor
  • October 17: "I'm Back: When Chronic Illness Requires Repeated Visits to the Hospital" with panelists Jamie May, NCT; Amanda Contreras, RN; and Daniel Weaver, MD
  • December 19: "Complex Challenges in Meeting the Needs of Bariatric Patients" with panelists Robbie Huellemeier, PT, DPT; Trina Shelby, RN; Mudita Arora, MSc, MS, RD, LD; and William Foley, MD


Spring 2016

  • February 15: "No Win Situations: Patients with Challenging Behaviors" with panelists Anthony Bonds, NCT; Elizabeth Smith, PA-C; Kayla Stump, RN; and Lt. Greg Hall
  • April 26: "Lions and Tigers and Stress, Oh My: Caring Through the Challenges" with panelists David Frederick; Celia Castellanos, MD; and Glenn Evans, RN, MSN
  • June 20: "Waking Up from Catatonia" with panelists Abner Rayapati, MD, MPH; Barbara Delmonico, LCSW; and Karen Walling, RN

Fall 2015

  • August 17: "Law and Disorder: Arrest and Addiction among Patients and their Visitors" with panelists Jamie Cross, RN; C. Randy Jones, MD; and Erica Reide, NCT
  • October 19: "Same Day Bounce Back: Placing a Patient with Difficult Behaviors" with panelists Jason Groth, PA-C; Jessica Loar, MSW, CSW; Lauren Marasa, MD; and Cynthia Ison, RN


Spring 2015

  • April 20: "Helping a Special Patient Find her Way" with panelists Marla Nicodemus, NCT; Bruce Bradley, MD; and Justin Honaker, RN
  • June 15: "Where's the Line?: Patients Who Are Out of Options" with panelists Marie Garrett, MSW, CSW; Jennifer Barnes, RN, BSN; and Korinne Callihan, RN, MSN, CHPN

Fall 2014 

  • October 17: "System Shutdown: Caring for Patients Who Have Fallen Through The Cracks" with panelists Preetham Talari, MBBS; Kim Lowry, RN, BSN; Reginald Owsley, NCT; and Kathy Clark, MSW, CSW
  • December 15: "When Patients Break the Rules..." with panelists Paula Holbrook, RN, JD; Jagriti Chadha, MD, MPH; and Sherry Rankin, RN
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