Research Ethics Lecture Series–Archive


Spring 2015

  • March 19: "Neonatal Aluminum Toxicity, Its Potential Danger and How We Can Avoid It: A True Bench to Bedside Application" by Robert Yokel, PhD, Provost Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UK College of Pharmacy
  • April 16: "Research Ethics and the Facebook Study Controversy" by Alex John London, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Director, The Center for Ethics and Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
  • May 14: "Unintended Consequences of Lab Breaches: The Ethical, Legal and Social Implications" by Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc, FAHA, Chair, Department of Physiology; Senior Associate Dean for Research, UK College of Medicine; Director, Saha Cardiovascular Research Center; Gill Foundation Endowed Chair in Preventive Cardiology

Fall 2014 

  • September 18: "Scientific Integrity in Translational Research" by Jason Scott Robert, PhD, Lincoln Chair in Ethics, Arizona State University, Director, Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, and Director, Arizona Bioethics Network.
  • October 23: "Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing" by Mark A. Rothstein, JD, Herbert F. Boehl Chair of Law and Medicine and Director, Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law, and Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Louisville School of Medicine.
  • November 20: "The 2014 Ebola Outbreak and Experimental Treatments: A Panel Discussion" with panelists Derek Forster, MD, Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control, UK HealthCare; Craig Martin, PharmD, Director of Professional Practice Development, UK College of Pharmacy and UK HealthCare Pharmacy Services; and R. Scott Morehead, MD, FCCP, Associate Professor, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, UK HealthCare. Moderated by M. Sara Rosenthal, PhD, Professor and Director, UK Program for Bioethics, and Chair, UK HealthCare Ethics Committee.


Spring 2014 

  • February 26: "Ethical Issues in Addiction Research" by Rebecca B. Yarrison, PhD, Assistant Professor, UK Program for Bioethics, Departments of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and College of Nursing.
  • April 2: "When Research Subjects Die: The Markingson Case and the CAFE Study" by Carl Elliott, MD, PhD, Professor, Center for Bioethics, Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota Medical School, Professor, Department of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts.

Fall 2013 

  • September 25: “Controversies and Quagmires in International HIV/AIDS Research” by Alex John London, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Director, The Center for Ethics and Policy, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • November 20: “Infants and Children as Human Subjects: New and Old Ethical Challenges” by Randi Zlotnick-Shaul, JD, LLM, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Bioethics at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and the University of Toronto.


Spring 2013 

  • February 27: “What Is a 'Benchside Ethics' Consultation – and When Do I Need One?” by M. Sara Rosenthal, PhD, Associate Professor, UK Departments of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Behavioral Science, and Director, Program for Bioethics.
  • March 26: “Current Challenges in Research Ethics: Amendments to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Deidentification, Biobanking and More!” by Mark A. Rothstein, JD, Herbert F. Boehl Chair of Law and Medicine, Director of the Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law, and Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Louisville School of Medicine. 
  • April 17: “Ethical Fallout and Consequences of Scientific Misbehavior and Misconduct” by Isabel Mellon, PhD, Associate Professor, UK Graduate Center for Toxicology.

Fall 2012 

  • September 12: “Cellular Imposters: Cell Line Cross-Contamination and Research Ethics” by Kenneth B. Ain, MD, Professor of Medicine, Carmen L. Buck Chair of Oncology Research, and Director, Thyroid Oncology Program, UK Division of Endocrinology & Molecular Medicine, and Director, Thyroid Cancer Research Laboratory, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Lexington, Ky.
  • October 10: “Neuroscience and Other Sociopolitical Schemes” by Jeffrey P. Bishop, MD, PhD, Director and Tenet Chair of Health Care Ethics, Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics, Saint Louis University.
  • November 14: “Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research: Limits and Protections” by Jeffrey Kahn, PhD, MPH, Robert Henry Levi and Ryda Hecht Levi Professor of Bioethics and Public Policy, Berman Institute of Bioethics, Johns Hopkins University.


Spring 2012 

  • April 18 – Inaugural Lecture: “The Avian Flu Controversy: Ethical, Scientific and Policy Implications” by Eric M. Meslin, PhD, Director, Indiana University Center for Bioethics, and Professor of Medicine, Medical and Molecular Genetics, Public Health and Philosophy.
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