UK Arts in HealthCare mission

“Our mission is to create an environment of care and to focus on the spiritual and emotional well-being of our patients, families, caregivers and staff. The program recognizes the arts and the artists as powerful and positive forces in the healing process.”

– UK Arts In HealthCare Advisory Committee 

First and foremost, the art, music and landscaping are there to provide comfort and respite for our patients, their families and our staff. The program worked with faculty and staff to select the art that would hang in their work spaces and in the hallways where patients receive care. The art was selected with the needs of our patients and families in mind.

An important component of the Arts in HealthCare program is education about the arts and the creative process. Several videos were created during the creation of the major public pieces. These videos feature the artists at work and their thoughts about having their work in a health care environment. To view videos on our featured artists, visit UK HealthCare’s YouTube channel.

As a member of the Arts & Health Alliance, UK HealthCare has built on the findings and successes of other art programs across the country to create an art program at the forefront of this movement.

For a closer look at the art and artists featured in the new UK Chandler Hospital, view our photo gallery and publications.

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