A message from the Director

Director's Message - Jackie Hamilton 

Thank you for visiting the UK Arts in HealthCare website. The program was conceived simultaneously with the design and planning for Pavilion A, the new patient care facility. Since the opening of Pavilion A, the support and response has been amazing. We constantly receive feedback about the healing presence of art at the UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital and many people visit the hospital just to see the art.

Happily the program does have a positive effect on our patients, families and staff and there is increasing data regarding the effects on stress, pain, length of stay and outcomes – all good news!

As the UK Arts in HealthCare program matures and grows we are looking for new ways to deliver the arts in the health care setting. Visual art is making its way into clinics and ambulatory public areas, music is present in the atrium and throughout the organization during the Holidays, the music therapy program is growing by leaps and bounds and takes music to the bedside to make a difference, but there are many other art forms – dance, poetry, drama that could touch the heart and spirit of a patient or a visitor.

As always we look to philanthropy to support our work, so if you have an interest in volunteering or assisting in furthering the program please call. We also want to hear your comments and ideas.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Best regards,

Jackie Hamilton

Director, UK Arts in HealthCare Program

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