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Your Health: Rhythms of the Brain

Media Contact: Keith Hautala, 859-257-1754, x231 

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 3, 2009) - Most people know that their bodies have an internal "clock" that regulates sleep/wake cycles and even tells them when they should be hungry. But did you know that individual cells have their own clocks as well? Or that missing even a single hour of sleep increases your risks for some health problems?

Dr. Tarvez Tucker, an associate professor of neurology at the University of Kentucky and director of the UKHealthCare Headache and Pain Clinic, offers insight into the rhythms of the brain in her latest women's health column in Sunday's Lexington Herald-Leader.

The column is part of an ongoing series of health columns by UK HealthCare experts appearing in each Sunday's edition of the Herald-Leader and online at

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