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Women's Health Month in Kentucky

Media Contact: Ann Blackford, 859-323-6363, x230 

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 18, 2008) − In recognition of April as Women's Health Month, Kentucky women are encouraged to sign up for the Women's Health Registry at the University of Kentucky's Center for the Advancement of Women's Health.

The Kentucky House of Representatives signed Resolution 216 to dedicate the month of April to improving the health and well-being of women in Kentucky.

The Women's Health Registry, an initiative of UK's Center for the Advancement of Women's Health, is the only statewide health registry of its kind in the nation. Participation is simple, unintrusive and confidential, yet the potential benefits for a better understanding of women's health needs are immeasurable.

The registry opened March 1, 2006.  Since that time, over 5,000 Kentucky women between ages 18-89 have completed either a paper or online survey about their health.  The registry asks questions about a variety of topics including demographics, education, physical and mental well-being.  The information helps researchers interested in women's health to better understand how things such as stress and family history influence women's health.  The registry also provides a link between interested women and research studies they may qualify for.

Mary Johnson, clinical research administrator and coordinator of the Women's Health Registry, said that the registry needs women of all descriptions and that each woman represents thousands of other women that are just like her. "Each survey year will provide a snapshot of the health and circumstances of the women in the registry. They provide current life information that over time will create a panoramic view of their health and lives that will help all the women that are growing up behind them."

Participation does not require a woman to physically come to UK.  Filling out the questionnaire can be done in the comfort of a woman's home or any where she has access to a computer. The questionnaire can also be filled out by hand and mailed to UK if that is preferable.  Providing one's health information is an easy way for women to be proactive in their own health care.


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