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New Clinic Offers Help for Voice Disorder Patients

Media Contact: Ann Blackford, 859-323-6363, x230 

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 24, 2009) - People who are experiencing hoarseness or other voice, swallowing or shortness of breath problems can now find help at the University of Kentucky Clinical Voice Center. The center, which operates through the College of Health Sciences, is the only one of its kind in Kentucky. It offers state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of all types of voice disorders, including vocal cord dysfunction, head and neck cancer, and dysphagia.

The clinic is equipped with the latest instrumentation, including a high speed digital endoscopic system, which captures vocal fold motion 66 times faster than older methods; the latest systems for measuring vocal function; and a flexible instrument that permits superior views of the vocal cords and is comfortable for patients of all ages.

In addition to the latest technology, a multidisciplinary team of professionals work together to treat patients with a variety of voice problems or disorders.

Many of these disorders are caused by overuse through common activities such as singing and talking. Others are caused by cancer or health conditions.

Rita Patel, assistant professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders and director of the Clinical Voice Center said that patients get all the services in one convenient visit.

"When patients first come for a visit they see both a speech pathologist and an otolaryngologist that specialize in voice disorders, in UK's Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic," Patel said. "A video stroboscopy to look at the vocal folds and a detailed computerized analyses of voice is performed. The UK Clinical Voice Center also has the latest technology called the high speed digital imaging system, that can look at the vocal folds in more detail compared to the video stroboscopy. The speech pathologist then discusses the patient exam with the otolaryngologist, who subsequently performs a head and neck exam."

Based on the recommendations, the patient will come either for voice therapy or surgery or both voice therapy and surgery.

Referrals for services at the Clinical Voice Center can be made by a physician, speech-language pathologist, voice specialist such as a singing coach or voice coach and by self-referral. Costs are covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare.

The Clinical Voice Center is located on the third floor of the Kentucky Clinic. To schedule an appointment or find out more about the clinic, call 859-257-0143.


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