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Safety for Children with Special Needs

Media Contact: Mary Margaret Colliver 

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 5, 2010) − Safe Kids USA and the MetLife Foundation have partnered to bring families a series of safety videos highlighting how they can take precautions in the home to help prevent injuries to children with physical, developmental or cognitive disabilities.

"Children with special health care needs deserve the same amount of protection as healthy kids," said Sherri Hannan, a nurse and coordinator of Safe Kids Fayette County, led by Kentucky Children's Hospital. For example, they may require special safety devices like a flashing smoke detector if they are hearing impaired. Information from the series can help families with special needs children know how they can adequately protect their child with some additional steps or special safety equipment.

For more information and to view the series go to Keeping Children with Special Needs Safe in the Home.

For more information about Safe Kids Fayette County, call 859-323-1153.

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