Markey now offers unique Varian TrueBeam radiation therapy

Varian TrueBeamBy Alison Perry

Lexington, Ky. (Feb. 13, 2014) — The University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center has become one of the first cancer centers in the country to offer the latest model of the Varian TrueBeam for its patients.

The Varian TrueBeam is an advanced radiotherapy system from Varian Medical Systems, designed to deliver powerful cancer treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Using advanced imaging and motion management technologies, Markey radiation oncologists are able to deliver highly complex treatments more quickly compared to other available machines, while monitoring and compensating for tumor and organ movement.

The TrueBeam's accuracy allows it to be used on cancers in particularly sensitive areas with significant organ and tissue mobility, including those of the abdomen, liver, lung, breast, and head and neck.

Varian TrueBeam gantry head showing MLCAdditionally, Markey's TrueBeam is the first in the world to be installed using the small vault configuration (SVC) model, the most modern iteration of the TrueBeam technology platform.

"As a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, Markey is always seeking the newest and most effective treatment for all types of cancer," said Dr. Marc Randall, the Markey Cancer Foundation Chair in Radiation Medicine.

Patient with oncologist and Varian TrueBeam "The Varian TrueBeam is an excellent example of this: leading-edge technology that provides faster, more accurate, and more comfortable treatment for our patients. This technology joins other advanced treatment options available for our patients at UK HealthCare, including Tomotherapy and Gamma Knife platforms, creating one of the most technically sophisticated departments anywhere."

In addition to its advanced technical capabilities, it has features for patient comfort, as well — the TrueBeam operates quietly and provides built-in music capabilities so that patients can relax by listening to music of their choice during treatments.

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