• Sexperts

    The Sexperts peer health education program is part of University Health Service/PAWS Center. Sexperts function as team members dedicated to the development and implementation of campus health education efforts. Sexperts serve as health-education liaisons between the University Health Service and UK students.

    Want the Sexperts to make a presentation at your organization or residence hall, then email us.

  • Contraception program

    Contraception, or birth control, is NOT one size fits all. Today, there are many different kinds available to choose from. This presentation provides all of the information you need about the various methods, such as abstinence, the pill or the shot, to name a few, so you can decide which method may be right for you.

  • Communication program

    This presentation focuses on teaching students the importance of using communication to have healthy, honest relationships. The presentation teaches why communication is important, ways to improve communications skills and tips for starting important conversations with sexual partners.

    The presentation is not limited to those who are involved in romantic or sexual relationships. The skills we teach can also help improve participants' communication with friends, roommates or others.

  • Quickie with the Sexperts

    Are you familiar with UK Sexperts and the programs we currently offer? If not, this is the program for you! At "Quickie with the Sexperts," we take activities from some of our most popular programs to show you a little bit of what we do. If you enjoy the program as much as we do, you can request the full program to be presented at a later date for your organization. Besides, why would you not want to have a "Quickie with the Sexperts"?

  • Outrageous sex myths

    Outrageous Sex Myths debunks some common sexual health myths for students so they are better equipped to have honest, healthy relationships. This presentation includes a few activities to help students understand the possible risks associated with sexual activity, but also to help students feel more comfortable talking about safer sex.

    This presentation addresses some of the most common myths while also giving students the correct information, as well as ways they can utilize University Health Service to maintain healthy sexual relationships.

  • Join the team

    Are you interested in promoting health to your peers? Do you like to talk about sexual health? Do you want to be involved in a peer health education group through University Health Service? Then you should consider joining the Sexperts, a peer health education group at UHS.


    • Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
    • Must be enrolled at UK for at least one semester.
    • Must serve as a peer health educator for at least two semesters (more is preferred).
    • Must complete training.
    • Must attend a weekly meeting (time/day TBD).
      • Only two absences (excused or unexcused) each semester, unless there is a conflict each week (which must be brought to adviser’s attention beforehand).
    • Must maintain office hours each week.
    • Must practice a healthy lifestyle.
    • Promote the peer health education program to departments and organizations on campus.
    • Create and implement new programming ideas and presentations.
    • Do at least two presentations a semester.
    • Compile, record and submit program evaluations after completion of presentations.
    • Assist with UHS programs and events, including Safe Spring Break, Safer Sex Week, World AIDS Day and others as needed.
    • Collaborate with Student Wellness Ambassadors and other departments and organizations on campus for programs and events.

    If you want to be part of the Sexpert team or have any questions about the peer health education program, please contact Joanne Brown, DNP at joanne.brown@uky.edu, or 859-218-3263, for more information.