• Peer health educators

    Our student peer health educators provide students with health information and connect them to other campus resources. Peer educators have the ability to develop skills in leadership, public speaking, peer-to-peer information sharing, outreach, marketing and evaluation. If you are interested in being a peer health educator, email  Fadyia.Lowe@uky.edu for more information.

    Our peer health educators cover a variety of topics including tobacco cessation, nutrition, body image, stress management and sexual health. To schedule a peer health education program for your residence hall, student organization, or Greek chapter, see below!

    The Sexperts

    The Sexperts are peer health educators with the mission of providing inclusive, honest, and accurate sexual health information to University of Kentucky students. To stay up-to-date on events and get tips on having a healthy sex life as a college student, follow The Sexperts on Twitter (@UKSexperts) and like the “University of Kentucky Sexperts” page on Facebook!

    Please send an email to uksexperts@gmail.com to request a program.

    1. What's Your (Safer) Sexpertise? (45-60 minutes) – In this engaging trivia game, participants will learn about the state of sexual health on campus, and the basics of having a healthy sex life as a college student.

    2. You Swiped Right, Now What? (45-60 minutes) – This program uses fun and engaging activities to teach participants about the importance of safety and communication when using dating apps, as well as how the language we use to talk about sex affects our perceptions and expectations.

    3. Know Your Sweet Spots (45-60 minutes) – Because one of the major components to having a healthy, safe and pleasurable sexual experience is knowing our bodies, this program covers basic sexual/reproductive anatomy and physiology through a fun trivia game.

    4. Minivan Prevention 101 (45-60 minutes) – As official reps of Bedsider.org, The Sexperts will cover the basics of the most common birth control methods, and provide some handy resources to empower participants to take control of their bodies and prevent pregnancy until they decide they're ready.

    Programs Presented by Peer Health Educators

    Please send an email to Fadyia Lowe at fadyia.lowe@uky.edu to request a program.

    1. What’s on the Menu? (45-60 minutes) – Food is essential for the growth and maintenance of our bodies. This presentation will focus on basic nutrition and nourishment recommendations, such as the importance of eating breakfast, healthy snacking and how to avoid “the freshman 15.”

    2. Love Your Selfie (45-60 minutes) – Negative body image can affect overall health, sense of well-being, and academic performance. This program will focus on the importance of positive self-image, societal pressures regarding appearance, and educating about eating disorders.

    3. Less Stress, More Success (45-60 minutes) – Through this interactive program, students learn about causes and consequences of stress, and how to manage it. Students will have the opportunity to assess their own stress levels and develop a brief plan to manage or reduce the daily stressors in their lives.

    4. Staying Healthy in College (45-60 minutes) – This “Family Feud” style trivia game will help students learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding exercise, nutrition, sleep, hydration, hygiene, illness and many other topics while they’re in college.