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Margaret M. Szabunio, MD

Chief, Division of Women's Radiology
Associate Medical Director, Comprehensive Breast Care Center

Practice areas

  • Breast Cancer Team
  • Radiology - Women's

Faculty rank

Professor of Radiology and Surgery

Clinic information

Clinical interests

  • Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
  • Breast Ultrasonography with Elastography
  • Digital Mammography
  • Interventional Procedures Including MRI Guidance
  • Tomosynthesis



Drexel University, College of Medicine (formerly Hahnemann Medical College), Philadelphia


Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New York


Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New York

Certifications or Special training

American Board of Radiology

Additional information


My name is Margaret M. Szabunio; I completed medical school at Drexel University College of Medicine (formerly Hahnemann University Medical School) in Philadelphia, followed by a radiology residency and fellowship at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York.

My clinical goal is early detection of breast cancer using new and emerging technologies, including elastography and tomosynthesis. I am board certified by the American Board of Radiology.


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