Seema Capoor, MD

Practice areas

Practice areas

Clinical interests

  • Cataract Surgery
  • Cornea
  • External Disease
  • Ophthalmology

Seema Capoor, MD


My name is Seema Capoor; I received my medical degree from Charing Cross Westminster Medical School, London, England. I then completed a fellowship at Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston. I am board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Faculty rank

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology


The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London, England
Charing Cross Westminster Medical School, London, England

University of Kentucky, Lexington

Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston

Certifications or Special training
American Board of Ophthalmology

Advanced Eye Care

Shriners Medical Center
Fourth and Fifth Floors
110 Conn Terrace
Lexington KY 40508

Call 859-323-5867
Fax 859-323-8510

(Primary eye care and all subspecialty eye care)

Starting March 20, appointments will be scheduled at the new Shriner's location.

UK HealthCare Parking Garage (Parking Structure #8) is directly behind Shriners Medical Center.

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Advanced Eye Care

UK HealthCare Eye Center - Richmond
Suite D
920 Barnes Mills Road
Richmond KY 40475

Call 859-624-EYES (3937)

(Cornea and external diseases, glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology, primary eye care, retina and vitreous disorders) 

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