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    Shoulder post-operative (after surgery) exercises

    All exercises should be repeated 30 times. Two sessions per day are recommended.

    Download printable Shoulder post-operative (after surgery) exercises (PDF, 75 KB) 

    Active range of motion wrist flexion/extension 

    wrist flexion/extension

    • Actively bend wrist forward then backward as far as you can.

    Elbow Flexion and Extension: Active Range of Motion 

    elbow flexion and extension 


    • With palm UP and DOWN gently bend elbow as far as possible.
    • Hold 10 seconds.
    • Straighten arm back out as far as possible.

    Shoulder - range of motion exercises (self-stretching activities)  


    • Flexion (alternate)
    • Slide arm up wall with palm toward you by moving closer to wall.
    • Hold 10 seconds.

    Shoulder - range of motion exercises 

    shoulder range of motion 

    • Hold wand with involved side palm up, push with uninvolved side (palm down) out from body while keeping elbow at side until you feel a stretch.
    • Then pull back across body leading with uninvolved side.
    • Be sure to keep elbows bent.
    • Hold 10 seconds.

    Shoulder - range of motion exercises (Codman's Exercises): Pendulum (clockwise/counterclockwise) 

    shoulder range of motion 

    • Gently move arm from side to side by rocking body weight from side to side.
    • Let arm swing freely.

    Check with your doctor to make sure these instructions apply to your case.