• Joint reconstruction and replacement

  • We offer an advanced joint replacement and reconstruction program for both the knees and the hips. We use advanced partial knee replacement techniques such as the  Oxford Unicompartmental Knee. Total knee or total hip replacements are also treatment options.

    Our joint specialists practice at UK Good Samaritan Hospital. UK Good Samaritan Hospital has long been a leader in joint replacement and our program is the second-largest practice in Kentucky.

  • Dr. Stephen Duncan answers frequently asked questions about hip & knee health

    Q: How can I prevent knee and hip joint injuries?
    A: Build your core.

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    Q: How do I know if knee pain is serious?
    A: Pain lasts for more than four to six weeks.

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    Q: Is running bad for the hip joint?
    A: Not necessarily.

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    Q: Why does cold weather or rain affect my hip joint?
    A: There are multiple theories.

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    Q: Who is at higher risk for knee and hip joint injuries?
    A: The elderly and more active people.

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  • Smith and Nephew Oxinium Patient Animation.

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