CenteringPregnancy ™ with EMPOWR (Efforts to Maximize Perinatal Outcomes in Women at Risk)


Pregnancy can be a stressful time, and parents-to-be have many questions:
• What should I eat while I’m pregnant?
• How will I know I’m in labor?
• What will happen when I come to the hospital?
• How will I nurse my baby?
• I’m under a lot of stress-where can I get help to handle it?

Pregnancy can be a time filled with many changes. Sometimes it gives us an opportunity to make healthful changes to our lifestyles. It helps to have extra support from people who know what you are going through. CenteringPregnancy with EMPOWR can provide you with this support

CenteringPregnancy with EMPOWR provides prenatal care in a group setting of 8-10 women with similar due dates. In traditional prenatal care, you spend more time waiting for your appointment than you actually spend with your provider. With CenteringPregnancy™ there is no waiting. You have one on one time with your provider, then time in a group setting for questions, education, and support. You always see the same provider, and get to actively participate in your care. This approach to prenatal care has been found to result in healthier babies and fewer preterm deliveries.

CenteringPregnancy with EMPOWR is provided at both Polk-Dalton and UK Women's Health OB-GYN Clinic at Good Samaritan and is currently available for Medical card patients. For more information, call Polk-Dalton Clinic at(859) 257-8801, or U.K. Women’s Health Clinic at (859) 323-0005.

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