Your delivery: Kangaroo Care/skin-to-skin


If you are over 37 weeks and have no medical problems, your baby will be cleaned and dried, then placed immediately skin to skin and belly to belly with you after delivery. We call this Kangaroo Care. We will place a diaper and hat on your baby and cover you both with warm blankets. We have found this is the best way to help baby regulate her temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate and even blood sugar. Babies who are skin to skin are very alert. They don’t cry as much. They hear Mom’s heartbeat, smell Mom and are comforted in their new environment. All of your baby’s care and your care will be done while your baby is skin to skin with you for the first hour. During this time, Baby often moves over and latches on for the first breastfeeding. This baby-led feeding is a great way to begin breastfeeding. Your nurse will help you with this, and our Lactation Consultant will see you soon after delivery. Once your baby is an hour old, we will do measurements and shots, then place your baby in Kangaroo Care for a second hour of skin to skin, with you or with your partner. You may have other visitors come in to see your new baby during this time, but only you or your partner can do skin to skin. Passing the baby around in this early time can cause baby to get cold and possibly sick. Family members may hold your baby after the first two hours.

If you have a cesarean section, we will bring your baby to the Recovery Room for Kangaroo Care as soon as you are settled. The Lactation Consultant will help you begin breastfeeding at this time.

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