• Marketing

    UK HealthCare Marketing supports the clinical enterprise and the UK HealthCare brand of advanced medicine. Our team consists of four separate groups: Digital & brand strategy, physician liaison program, service line marketing and market research. 

    Contact information

    UK HealthCare Marketing
    2333 Alumni Park Plaza, #300
    Lexington KY 40517 
    Phone: 859-323-2887
    Fax: 859-257-9747

  • Digital & brand strategy

    The Digital & brand strategy department promotes the UK HealthCare brand through communication channels, including web site design, graphics, print advertisements and written publications.

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  • Service line managers

    The Service Line department is made up of a talented team that fulfills the communication and advertising needs of the many services that UK HealthCare offers. Each manager works directly with physicians and administrators in their respective services to create strategic marketing plans and promotional materials to reach the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

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  • Market research

    JBritt HeadshotJason Britt is the Director of Market Research. He oversees all marketing research activities to understand awareness and perceptions of the UK HealthCare brand.

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  • Community engagement

    GBlair Community Headshot photoGeoffrey Blair manages the Community Engagement program which maintains mutually beneficial relationships with and is a major contributor to nearly 130 local, state and national organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of countless citizens in our city, state and beyond.

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