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Research Focus

Evaluation of community-based screening and early detection interventions

Contact Information

800 Rose Street
Room CC44
University of Kentucky
Lexington Kentucky 40536

Key Publications

  1. Slone S, White C, Shelton B, Van Meter E, DeSimone C, Schoenberg N, Dignan M. Inconsistencies between medical records and patient-reported recommendations for follow-up after abnormal Pap tests. Journal of Women’s Health 22(2):147-152, 2013.
  2. Studts CR, Tarasenko YN, Schoenberg NE, Shelton BJ, Hatcher-Keller J, Dignan MB. A community-based randomized trial of a faith-placed intervention to reduce cervical cancer burden in Appalachia. Preventive Medicine. 54:408-414, 2012.
  3. Chu KC, Chen MS, Dignan MB, Taylor E, Partridge E. Parallels between the development of therapeutic drugs and cancer health disparity programs: Implications for disparities reduction. Cancer 113(10):2790-2796, 2008. 
  4. Schoenberg NE, Hatcher J, Dignan MB, Shelton B, Wright S, Dollarhide KF. Faith moves mountains: An Appalachian cervical cancer prevention program. Am J Health Behavior 33(6):627-638, 2009.
  5. Dignan M, Michielutte R, Blinson K, Wells HB, Case LD, Sharp P, Davis S, Konen J, McQuellon R. Effectiveness of Health Education to Reduce Cervical Cancer Among Cherokee Indian Women in North Carolina. JNCI 88(22):1670-1676, 1996.

Recent Publications

(five most recent publications via an automated list from PubMed, based on researcher’s ID and the University of Kentucky)
  1. Martinez DJ, Turner MM, Pratt-Chapman M, Kashima K, Hargreaves MK, Dignan MB, Hébert JR.
    The Effect of Changes in Health Beliefs Among African-American and Rural White Church Congregants Enrolled in an Obesity Intervention: A Qualitative Evaluation.
    J Community Health. 2016 Jun;41(3):518-25.
  2. Linares AM, Wambach K, Rayens MK, Wiggins A, Coleman E, Dignan MB.
    Modeling the Influence of Early Skin-to-Skin Contact on Exclusive Breastfeeding in a Sample of Hispanic Immigrant Women.
    J Immigr Minor Health. 2016 Mar 11.
  3. Baltic RD, Weier RC, Katz ML, Kennedy SK, Lengerich EJ, Lesko SM, Reese D, Roberto KA, Schoenberg NE, Young GS, Dignan MB, Paskett ED.
    Study design, intervention, and baseline characteristics of a group randomized trial involving a faith-based healthy eating and physical activity intervention (Walk by Faith) to reduce weight and cancer risk among overweight and obese Appalachian adults.
    Contemp Clin Trials. 2015 Sep;44:1-10.
  4. Linares AM, Rayens MK, Gomez ML, Gokun Y, Dignan MB.
    Intention to Breastfeed as a Predictor of Initiation of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Hispanic Women.
    J Immigr Minor Health. 2015 Aug;17(4):1192-8.
  5. Walkosz BJ, Buller DB, Andersen PA, Scott MD, Liu X, Cutter GR, Dignan MB.
    Translation of a Ski School Sun Safety Program to North American Ski and Snowboard Schools.
    Health Promot Pract. 2015 Jul;16(4):560-70.