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Thomas C. Tucker, PhD, MPH

Cancer Center Member

Markey Research Programs:
    Cancer Prevention and Control

Associate Director for Cancer Prevention and Control and Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Research Program

Associate Professor

Department of Epidemiology ›
College of Public Health ›

Research Focus

Population-based studies that address disparities in the burden of lung, colorectal and cervical cancer with a focus on Appalachia

Contact Information

MCC Cancer Control Program
2365 Harrodsburg Road
Suite A320
Lexington Kentucky 40504

Key Publications

  1. Tucker TC, Huang B, Bennett JM, Durbin EB and Jones WF. The effect of insurance on stage at diagnosis for colorectal cancer patients in Kentucky. J Ky Med Assoc 109:63-8, 2011.
  2. Dragun AE, Huang B, Tucker TC and Spanos WJ. Disparities in the application of adjuvant radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery for early stage breast cancer: impact on overall survival. Cancer 117:2590-8, 2011.

Recent Publications

(five most recent publications via an automated list from PubMed, based on researcher’s ID and the University of Kentucky)
  1. Watson M, Soman A, Flagg EW, Unger E, Deapen D, Chen VW, Peres LC, Copeland G, Tucker TC, Garnett E, Saraiya M.
    Surveillance of high-grade cervical cancer precursors (CIN III/AIS) in four population-based cancer registries, United States, 2009-2012.
    Prev Med. 2017 Oct;103:60-65.
  2. Andrykowski MA, Steffens RF, Bush HM, Tucker TC.
    Posttraumatic growth and benefit-finding in lung cancer survivors: The benefit of rural residence?
    J Health Psychol. 2017 Jun;22(7):896-905.
  3. Baldwin LA, Chen Q, Tucker TC, White CG, Ore RN, Huang B.
    Ovarian Cancer Incidence Corrected for Oophorectomy.
    Diagnostics (Basel). 2017 Apr 01;7(2).
  4. Petkov VI, Miller DP, Howlader N, Gliner N, Howe W, Schussler N, Cronin K, Baehner FL, Cress R, Deapen D, Glaser SL, Hernandez BY, Lynch CF, Mueller L, Schwartz AG, Schwartz SM, Stroup A, Sweeney C, Tucker TC, Ward KC, Wiggins C, Wu XC, Penberthy L, Shak S.
    Breast-cancer-specific mortality in patients treated based on the 21-gene assay: a SEER population-based study.
    NPJ Breast Cancer. 2016;2:16017.
  5. Andrykowski MA, Steffens RF, Bush HM, Tucker TC.
    Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment as a Traumatic Stressor in DSM-IV and DSM-5: Prevalence and Relationship to Mental Health Outcomes.
    J Trauma Stress. 2015 Jun;28(3):206-13.