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All new UKHealthCare employees must attend orientation.  Your individual work area will have additional requirements that you must fulfill for your specific job.  New policies or changes in systems
or practices will require other training not listed here.

I.  Orientation 

1.  ALL new staff within UKHC (Chandler Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Ambulatory Services)

A.  University Orientation -- must be taken within 30 days of hire by all regular full-time and part-time staff receiving benefits from the University

        B.  Corporate Compliance and HIPAA Education Level One -- must be taken within the 
              first 30 days of employment.

        C.   Behavioral Standards in Patient Care -- All faculty, students, and staff must receive a copy
              of the standards and sign a commitment form.  This topic will be covered in Hospital Orientation.
              For those not attending Hospital Orientation, the behavioral standards document and the
              commitment form may be printed from the following links.  One copy of the commitment form stays in the
              departmental personnel file; the other copy needs to be sent to Human Resources.
              Behavioral Standards document (pdf format) Commitment Form (pdf format)


2.  All new staff within Chandler and Good Samaritan Hospitals and Ambulatory Services must also:

         A.  Attend UKHealthCare Orientation (which includes Corporate Compliance and HIPAA Education Level One)

         For employees, STEPS employees, or contract employees who are unable to attend the formal UKHC Orientation session
            the supervisor may print the
Online Orientation Guide 

         This guide is to be given to these employees on their first day of work.  The signature page is to be completed and placed in the 
            employee's personnel file as proof of Orientation. 

         B.  Complete the online web based training (WBT) regarding patient safety in Enterprise Learning.
              Each employee must determine the appropriate WBT pertinent to his/her job description.

         C.  Receive orientation to your department and your specific job responsibilities.

        D.  Demonstrate competence in your job specific responsibilities by the end of your orientation period.  


3.  New Supervisor Orientation

      A. All newly hired supervisors, managers, directors, and administrators are required to complete all requirements for any newly hired staff person.  Must be taken within 30 days of hire. 

      B. In addition, all supervisors, managers, directors, and administrators within the University are required within 90 days of hire or promotion to attend SuperVision, a program presented by Human Resources Development.

            C. All newly hired or promoted supervisors, managers, directors, and administrators within UKHC are required to  complete the Healthcare SuperVision series between the 3rd and 12th month of assuming the supervisory position in the hospital. 
II.  Required Annual Re-training for all Hospital Staff 

        A.  Safety Education -- Fourteen safety modules are annually assigned to all hospital staff through myUK
             The web based training must be completed by the assigned completion date every year.


Topics Include
Ambulatory Topics
Abuse and Neglect
Blood Borne Pathogens
Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity
Decisions and Structure
Emergency Preparedness
Fire Prevention and Life Safety
HIPAA Privacy and Security Refresher
Hazardous Waste Management Communication 
Hospital Security
Hot Safety Topics
Infection Prevention and Control
Mission, Vision and Goals
Quality, Safety and Service Agenda


Job specific safety training must be provided by your hiring department.  In addition, monthly safety newsletters and periodic classes will help you understand how to keep yourself and others safe in the work environment. 

        B.  Infection Control -- Two infection control web based training modules are annually assigned to all hospital staff.   
             The web based trainings must be completed by the assigned due date.

Topics Include
Infection Prevention and Cortrol
Blood Borne Pathogens


        Job specific infection control education and training must be provided by your hiring department.
        C.  HIV/AIDs  -- classes are periodically held for individuals needing basic information on this disease. 


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