Registering for Classes

Class registration is online through myUK for online courses. 

 1. Double click on the myUK icon on your desktop or go to, select linkblue and myUK   
 2. Enter your User ID (this is the same as your UK email id – typically first initial, middle initial, first couple of letters in your last name, number(s))  
 3. Enter your Password (this is the same as your UK email password)  

 myUK login Screen     

  •  4.  Employee Self-Service tab will be displayed.  NOTE:  Not everyone automatically gets the Employee Self-Service tab.  Contact Enterprise Learning at 257-9226 if you have any questions.

  •  5. Click on the Training link 





 6. The Training home page will be displayed. 
 7. Click in the Search Term field in the Find box 
 8. Type a word in the title of the class you are searching for (ex: type Excel for any class that covers Excel)  






 8. Click the Find button – this returns all training that contains the search term use 
 9. Click on the Course Title to view more information about the classes such as location and date 
 10.You will see a course description as well as a list of dates and places the class is offered  
 11.Click on the Date that you wish to attend class     



 Book Screen 


 12.If you have taken all of the prerequisites for the class you may click Book this Course located in both the top and bottom of this page. 
 13.Click OK when the message box appears to confirm 
 14.A message will appear at the top of the screen saying that Participation was successfully booked  



 Booked Screen 


You should receive an email confirming your enrollment shortly.


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