• Neonatal/Pediatric Emergency Transport

    Kentucky Kids Crew


    Kentucky Kids Crew is a specialty team that provides inter-facility (hospital-to-hospital) critical care transportation for both neonatal (newborn) and pediatric patients. We are the only transport team in the region exclusively dedicated to transporting newborns and children.  Our team is directed by neonatologists and pediatric intensivists, and includes:

    • Critical care nurses trained in advanced procedures
    • Emergency medical technicians who drive the ambulances used for ground transport
    • A dedicated transport team on duty 24/7, ready to be mobilized immediately when a referring facility calls

    To learn more about the Kentucky Kids Crew and what they do, watch their video.

  • The transport team utilizes state of the art ambulances, helicopters, and other equipment specially designed to meet the needs of our young patients. Our vehicles are equipped as mobile intensive care units that enable the team to provide neonatal and pediatric critical care.

    If you need urgent care please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room 

    All patients transported by the Kentucky Kids Crew are admitted to Kentucky Children's Hospital or the Makenna David Pediatric Emergency Department. We also provide transport service from the Kentucky Children's Hospital when the patient can be returned to their community hospitals or other facilities.

    Kentucky Kids Crew has been providing ground and air transportation support to physicians and health care facilities throughout Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio since 1979. In 2012, a contractual arrangement was made with Air Methods Corporation to provide air transport service for UK in partnership with the Neonatal/Pediatric team, now known as Kentucky Kids Crew.

    Our goal is to be the premier transport service for children in Central and Eastern Kentucky.  Additionally, we work to improve the pre-transport care of children in the region through outreach education and by strengthening ties with referring providers. Our outreach activities include:

    • Neonatal outreach training (S.T.A.B.L.E.) classes for nurses
    • Pediatric outreach training classes for health care providers in hospitals and other facilities throughout the region
    • Pediatric outreach classes for community EMS services throughout the region
    • Community education in association with Safe Kids. 

    For more information on these educational programs, call 859-257-4678.

  • Cat Scratch Newsletters

    A peek into the life of a neonatal/pediatric critical care transport nurse

    It is unique and rewarding to be a neonatal/pediatric critical care transport nurse.

    Many health care providers are curious about the role of the neonatal/pediatric critical care transport nurse and the part we play in our community and in the outlying facilities we serve.

    The Cat Scratch newsletter was developed to share a little bit of our world, to provide education about infants and children, and to share stories about the children we serve.

    Patient/Parent Guide

    This guide is a valuable resource for parents whose children have been transported to Kentucky Children’s Hospital. It provides directions, information about where to stay and what to bring and includes a glossary of medical terms as well as other important information.

    Neonatal/Pediatric Emergency Transport Resource Guide (Printable PDF, 1.3 MB)

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    for inter-facility transfers (health care providers only).

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