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  • Hemophilia Treatment Center


    Patient receiving Factor VIII, photo via the National Cancer Coalition 

    The UK HealthCare Hemophilia Treatment Center (UKHTC) is a comprehensive care center for adults and children with congenital bleeding disorders. It is a federally-funded center recognized for having multidisciplinary providers who have specialized knowledge in this unique sub-specialty.

    Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease are the most common types of bleeding disorders. While there is usually a family history of the disorder, about 30% of babies who are born with hemophilia A have no family history. Only boys inherit hemophilia from their mother; both boys and girls can inherit von Willebrand disease.

  • It is important that persons who have a bleeding disorder receive treatment from qualified healthcare providers so that complications are prevented and invasive procedures and surgeries are performed under the safest possible circumstances.

    If you suspect that you or your child might have a bleeding disorder that has not been diagnosed, or you have a bleeding disorder and are not an established patient at a Hemophilia Treatment Center, please give one of our providers a call.

  • Julia Kluesner, CSW – Social Worker

    Emily Garrett, LPT – Physical Therapist

    Jennifer Samuelson, RN – Nurse Coordinator

    Susan M. Peterson, APRN – Nurse Practitioner

    Vlad C. Radulescu, MD – Medical Director, Pediatric Hematologist

    Edward Romond, MD – Adult Hematologist

  • Kentucky Clinic
    740 S. Limestone
    Lexington KY 40536-0284
    Appointments: 859-257-6033.
    Fax number: 859-257-9822

    Regional clinics
    (for established patients only)
    Barbourville, KY
    Harlan, KY
    Somerset, KY
    Appointments: 859-257-6033

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