• Stitches' favorite activities: Games to print out

    Stitches has a fun coloring book just for you! Print out and color the pages or share with a friend. Each page will help you learn more about your visit to Kentucky Children's Hospital.


    Click on the picture of the coloring book above so you can print it out.

    1) Download coloring book (PDF, 1.7 MB)
    2) Print it out
    3) Color away!  

    Stitches Word Search Instructions:
    1) Download the word search (PDF, 40 KB)
    2) Print it out
    3) Find those words! 

    Stitches Crossword Puzzle Instructions:
    1) Download the crossword puzzle (PDF, 9 KB)
    2) Print it out
    3) Solve the puzzle! 

    Stitches Maze Instructions:
    1) Download the maze (PDF, 1.11 MB)
    2) Print it out
    3) Find your way! 

    Stitches Number Code

    1) Download the number code (PDF, 122 KB)
    2) Print it out
    3) Figure it out!

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    Stitches' favorite activities: Recipes for fun!

    Be sure you ask your parents' permission and ask them to help you with the following fun activities!

    1-2-3 Bubbles

    ¼ cup liquid dishwashing detergent
    ¾ cup water
    1 ½ tbsp sugar

    Combine your three ingredients and just like that you have bubbles!

    Finger paint made from Kool-Aid

    2 Cups of flour
    2 packs of unsweetened Kool-Aid
    ½ Cup of salt
    3 Cups of boiling water (be careful! ask an adult to help you with this)
    3 Tablespoons of oil

    Combine your dry ingredients in a bowl then carefully add the boiling water and oil and stir together. Spray glossy paper with a little bit of water and paint away!

    Yummy homemade Popsicles

    One 85 gram package of Jell-O®
    1 Cup of water
    1 ¼ Cup of juice

    Bring your water to a boil (be careful) and then pour in your Jell-O until it is dissolved. Stir in your juice and now pour the ingredients into a mold. Let your molds freeze and enjoy the next day!

    Pine cone bird feeders

    Pine Cones
    Peanut Butter
    Bird Seed

    Collect pine cones from your yard. Tie a string onto the top and cover the pinecones with as much peanut butter as you think the birds will enjoy. Roll the peanut butter covered pinecones in bird seed. Let the pinecones sit overnight. After 24 hours, hang your new bird feeders outside. Now you can watch the birds enjoy your special treat and if they run out you can easily make more!

    Stitches' experiments 

    Make your own crystals (PDF, 503 KB)

    Make your own winter bird feeder treats (PDF, 354 KB)

    Become a rocket scientist (PDF, 675 KB)

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