Hospital-based clinics


The UK HealthCare system contains clinics that are part of University of Kentucky Hospital, more commonly known as UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, a part of which is Kentucky Children's Hospital. These clinics are referred to as hospital-based clinics.

“Hospital-based” refers to the relationship between the hospital and its clinic. Often, the hospital-based clinic is not located in the hospital. The relationship allows the hospital and the clinic to share costs and revenue. This is a national model of practice for large integrated health care delivery systems like UK HealthCare. The hospital-based clinic is under the license and meets the standards for accreditation of Kentucky Children's Hospital and UK Chandler Hospital. 

Below is a list of hospital-based clinics:

Congenital Heart Clinic 

DanceBlue Hematology/Oncology Clinic  

Pediatric Specialty

Kentucky Children’s Hospital Pediatric Specialty is staffed by physicians who are specially trained in specific pediatric conditions to meet the needs of children needing highly specialized care. The following services are part of Pediatric Specialty:


Forensic Medicine


Genetics & Dysmorphology

Pediatric BMI Clinic

Infectious Diseases  

International adoption


Obstetrics and gynecology (pediatric and adolescent)


Rheumatology & Musculoskeletal Diseases  


Plastic Surgery  


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