Depression Tied to Worse Outcomes for Heart Patients

Heart attack, early death more common in depressed patients, study suggests

Exercise May Keep Your Brain 10 Years Younger, Study Suggests

Physically active seniors stayed mentally sharper than their sedentary peers

Gaps in Care Can Harm Patients After Heart Attack

Waiting too long for first medical appointment after hospital discharge can have consequences, study finds

Health Highlights: March 23, 2016

  • Medicare May Soon Cover Program to Help Prevent Diabetes

  • Sleep Apnea Mask Maker Settles Lawsuit

  • Supreme Court Hearing on Employer Birth Control Coverage Law May Have Little Effect

  • H-E-B Grocery Chain Recalls Canned Tuna

Health Tip: Breakfast Is Essential

It can help kids do better in school

Health Tip: Preparing for a Pedicure

Here's a list of 'don'ts'

Heavy Pot Use Tied to Social, Money Troubles in Mid-Life

But one marijuana advocate believes people who already have problems may often turn to the drug

More U.S. Women Delivering Babies at Home or Birth Centers

Most tended to be low-risk pregnancies and Pacific Northwest saw greatest increase, study finds

Paying for Kidneys Might Boost Donor Rate, Study Says

But transplant experts say it's an ethically loaded idea that needs much review

PTSD May Stiffen Veterans' Arteries, Boosting Heart Risks

Reducing stress may help blood vessels function normally, expert says