The Etiquette of Achoo!

Cover your sneeze to protect those around you, health experts advise

Want to Leave Dinner Feeling Full? Bring on the Beans

Vegetable patties make diners feel fuller than meat so they eat less, Danish study finds

Brisk Walk May Help Sidestep Heart Disease

In just 10 weeks, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight improved among women in study

Common Virus May Have Ties to Type 1 Diabetes

But enterovirus infections probably aren't the only culprit, researchers say

Government-Backed Salt Reduction Efforts Could Deliver Big Health Pay Day

Researchers estimate a 10 percent cut in salt could save millions worldwide from heart disease

Health Highlights: Jan. 10, 2017

  • Vaccine Skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr. Asked to Head Trump 'Vaccination Safety' Committee

  • 3-D Printed Blood Vessels Implanted in Monkeys

  • No Evidence Prevagen Improves Memory: Government Lawsuit

Health Tip: Coping With Hair Loss

Seek your doctor's help

Health Tip: Improve Your Diet

Eat healthier foods

High Blood Pressure Increasing Worldwide

And health risks may appear even at levels once considered safe, researchers contend

High Health Care Deductibles Take Toll on Family Finances

Studies suggest significant out-of-pocket costs may harm low-income and chronically ill patients