Sedentary Behavior Linked to Heart Disease in Hispanics

Those who are least active face added health risks even if they exercise, study finds

Sweetened Drinks May Damage Heart, Review Finds

Added sugars raise risk of heart troubles, stroke, experts say

Differences Found in Smokers, Nonsmokers Who Develop Lung Cancer

Nonsmokers with a common form of lung cancer more apt to be women, study finds

New Drug May Give Small Survival Boost to Some With Advanced Lung Cancer

Nivolumab is most effective in tumors with a particular gene mutation, researchers report

Good Posture: A Stance for Better Health

Straighten up with these expert tips

Health Highlights: Sept. 26, 2015

  • FDA Approves New Diabetes Treatment

  • Dalai Lama Cancels U.S. Visit Due to Health Reasons

  • Labels on Yohimbe Products Inaccurate: Study

  • Fed Chief Yellen Checked by Medical Staff After Faltering During Speech

  • FDA Panel Reviews Essure Birth Control Implant

8 of 10 People in Addiction Treatment Smoke, Study Finds

Helping smokers quit can improve their chance for successful drug and alcohol treatment, researcher says

Bullied Teens Who Exercise May Lower Suicide Risk, Study Finds

But researcher adds that many U.S. schools have cut opportunities for physical activity

Catcher Injuries Aren't Usually the Result of Collisions

Foul balls, stray bats cause more harm than run-ins with players, study shows

Expert Tips for Preventing Kids' Sports Injuries

Children need breaks from playing to avoid overuse injuries, orthopedic surgeon says