Rare Infant Seizure Disorder Often Missed

Parents, doctors may not recognize infantile spasms early enough to prevent brain damage, study finds

Tighter Gun Control Laws Linked to Fewer School Shootings in U.S.

Study also found that states that spent more money on mental health care, education saw less violence

Are Catholic Women Less Likely to Breast-Feed?

Study suggests that possibility, review authors say, but more research needed to confirm findings

C-Sections May Be Causing Evolutionary Changes

Surgical delivery might be widening gap between baby's size and mother's pelvis, researchers say

Health Highlights: Dec. 5, 2016

  • Michael Bloomberg Donates Another $360 Million to Anti-Tobacco Fight

  • VA Medical Staff Resign After Maggots Found in Patient's Wound

  • Nearly 2 Million Lbs of Chicken Recalled

Health Tip: Handle Pet Food With Care

It may harbor germs

Health Tip: Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Here's what the habit can cause

Just 1 Cigarette a Day Can Be Deadly: Study

Light smokers still faced an increased risk of early death

Men More Likely to Use Marijuana Than Women, Study Finds

Researchers suggest 2007 recession may have spurred rise in pot use among men with low incomes

Normal Blood Pressure in Clinic May Mask Hypertension

Young, lean patients can have high blood pressure that's not caught during regular exams, study finds