White Wine May Do No Favors for a Woman's Skin

Study suggests the drink, as well as liquor, are both tied to a higher risk for rosacea

4 in 10 Americans Still Breathe Dirty Air

This can lead to health problems that include lung cancer, asthma, heart damage, lung association says

A 'Brainwave' to Help Fight PTSD

Study is preliminary, but suggests an acoustic 'feedback' technology might help some patients

Body Temperature Might Give Clues to Coma

Early research finds patients who are closer to consciousness have a more normal 'body clock'

Could Young Blood Boost the Aging Brain?

In study, mice regained memory skills after transfusion of human umbilical cord blood

FDA Approves Device to Help Curb Cluster Headaches

New technology stimulates a nerve in the neck to help ease the rare but painful syndrome

For the Young, Cigarettes Go Better With Booze Than Pot

Survey found smoking-plus-drinking was favored, and findings could point to better ways to quit both

Health Highlights: April 19, 2017

  • Running Can be Socially Contagious: Study

  • Hospital Inspection Details May Soon be Public

  • Iowa Abortion Bill Sent to Governor

  • George H.W. Bush Back in Hospital

  • Progress Being Made Against Neglected Tropical Diseases: WHO

Health Tip: Planning Your Walking Workout

Split it into these three stages

Health Tip: Stuck on the Road in a Storm?

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