Blood Test May Rule Out Too Many Donor Hearts

Results don't seem to alter survival rates, even 5 years after transplant, researchers say

Do Too Many Lung Cancer Patients Miss Out on Surgery?

Study evaluates treatment outcomes for late-stage disease

Exercise May Help Thwart Ovarian Cancer

Chronic inactivity linked to greater risk for the disease in study

Fertility Treatments Not Linked to Twins' Birth Defects

But study, while reassuring, is based on limited data

Health Highlights: June 21, 2016

  • U.S. Health Care Spending Could be Trillions Less Than Expected Over 5 Years: Study

  • Lower-Fat Chocolate Produced Using Electricity

  • Chicken Recalled Due to Black Sand, Soil Contamination

Health Tip: Eat Mindfully to Help Shed Pounds

Eat slowly and enjoy every bite

Health Tip: Exercising During Pregnancy

Check with your doctor first

Long Work Hours May Hurt Your Health

At the job more than 60 hours a week had most damaging effects on women's well-being, study finds

'Love Hormone' Gene May Be Key to Social Life

Early research ties low levels of oxytocin-linked DNA to relationship quality

More Evidence Obamacare Is Lowering Numbers of Uninsured

Michigan's hospitals saw sharp rise in patients with coverage after state expanded Medicaid, study found