Secondhand Smoke in Pregnancy, Youth Tied to Irregular Heartbeat Years Later

Effect was strongest for those without other risk factors for atrial fibrillation, but more study needed

Too Much Weight in Midlife Tied to Earlier Alzheimer's

Slimming down might delay dementia, research suggests

U.S. Smoking Rate Falls to 15 Percent: CDC

Higher tobacco taxes, tough messages contribute to falloff, experts say

Your Heart Is Likely 'Older' Than You Are

Smoking, high blood pressure and cholesterol can age this vital organ, CDC says

Cold Weather May Up Risk of Stroke, Severe Heart Attack for Some

But more study needed to determine what strategies might cut those risks

Could Lots of Coffee Up Heart Risks for Young Adults With High Blood Pressure?

Study finds an association, but can't prove cause and effect

Doctors Rarely Discuss Religion With Critically Ill, Study Says

Researchers find a significant need goes unfulfilled

Health Highlights: Aug 31, 2015

  • Kidney Transplant Racial Gap Shrinks: Study

  • Blue Bell Ice Cream Back in Some Stores

  • Kardashian's Online Posts About Morning Sickness Drug Now Include Warnings

  • Neurologist and Author Dr. Oliver Sacks Dead at 82

  • Texas Teen Killed by Brain-Eating Amoeba

Health Tip: GERD Shouldn't Interrupt Sleep

Watch what you eat before bed

Health Tip: When Kids Walk to School

Make sure they follow safety rules