Tough Economy, Alcohol Fuels Suicide Risk in Men: Study

But similar link not seen for women

2 New Findings Offer Hope for Those With Severe Hemophilia

One pinpoints when standard therapy works best, while the other uncovers the promise of a new drug

Air Pollution Tied to Stillbirth in Small Study

More research needed to explore potential link

Common Abnormal Heart Rhythm Linked to Cancer Risk

But study only found an association and doesn't prove that atrial fibrillation causes cancer

Doctors Spot New Vision Problems in Babies Struck by Zika

Finding adds to growing understanding of damage virus causes in these infants, researchers say

'Fat Shaming' Begins in First Grade

Weight bias affects all aspects of obese kids' lives, researchers say

Genetic Insights May Help Kids Battling Developmental Delays

DNA analysis led to better treatments in 4 of 10 cases studied

Health Highlights: May 25, 2016

  • Two States Sue J&J Over Vaginal Mesh Implants

  • Edible Pot Products Can Look Like Candy, Threatening Children

Health Tip: Swaddle Baby Safely

Don't wrap the infant too tight

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