Some Families Carry Shared Risk of Cancer, Twins Study Shows

Large review finds if one identical twin gets a cancer, the other is at increased risk for the disease as well

Suppository Eases Vaginal Dryness in Small Study

Anti-aging hormone DHEA reduced discomfort without raising estrogen levels in rest of body, researchers say

Talk Therapy to Tackle Fear of the Dentist

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Try Home Remedies for Child's Cough or Cold

Over-the-counter treatments are riskier and costlier, says American Academy of Pediatrics

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College Football Player's Autopsy May Offer Clues to Brain Trauma

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Stick to recommended guidelines, experts say

Doctor-Patient Emails Can Help the Chronically Ill

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Families Like Looser ICU Visitation Policies

Relatives, patients happier with less restrictions on time together, surveys show

FDA Tightens Rules for Using Mesh Implants in Women's Surgery

Agency aims to improve treatment of pelvic organ prolapse