Single Working Moms Carry a Heart Burden

Stress, finances may boost cardiovascular risks for U.S. mothers, study says

Teen Obesity May Mean Liver Disease Later

Study found risk increased as weight went up

Want New Knowledge to Stick? Head Straight to a Workout

Exercise needs to occur about 4 hours after lesson, study suggests

Antibiotics, Formula Feeding Might Change Baby's 'Microbiome'

C-section birth may also diminish diversity of these colonies of helpful microbes, study shows

Baby Your Baby With Sunscreen

For starters, apply it at least 15 minutes before heading out, pediatrician advises

Easing Your Child's Allergies

For starters, pay attention to pollen levels, FDA advises

Expert Panel Reaffirms Need for Colon Cancer Screen Beginning at Age 50

U.S. advisory group says there's not enough evidence to endorse one screening method over another

For Better Heart Care, Get a Pharmacist on Your Team

Canadian study highlights a potential opportunity to improve public health

Health Highlights: June 15, 2016

  • AMA Calls for Ban on Powdered Alcohol

  • No Link Between Coffee and Cancer: Experts

  • Rio Olympics Won't Boost Spread of Zika in Other Countries: WHO

Health Tip: Exercising for Seniors

Start slow and take it easy