Expert Panel Unclear on Whether E-Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit

More and better data is needed, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says

Fecal Transplant Helps Fight Off Dangerous Gut Infection: Review

Treatment effective for recurrent disease, research shows

Health Highlights: May 4, 2015

  • ER Visits Rising Under Health Care Reform: Study

  • FDA Should Stop Sales of Essure Contraceptive Implant: Petition

Health Tip: Build a Healthy Self-Image

Focus on the positive

Health Tip: Understanding Eye Injuries in Kids

Don't touch an injured eye. Seek immediate treatment.

Many Young Football Players Get Concussions at Practice, Study Says

Limiting player-to-player contact may reduce risk of head trauma, experts say

Obesity Tied to Risk of Complications After Plastic Surgery

Study findings suggest these patients might need more thorough care before and after procedure

Preteen Whooping Cough Vaccine Loses Strength Over Time, CDC Finds

Results help explain recent surge in cases

Sleepwalking Parents Likely to Have Sleepwalking Kids

Nighttime wandering passed down to as many as 60 percent of children, study finds

Too Many Americans Neglect Backs in Skin Cancer Prevention

Survey by dermatologists' group finds many people don't use sunscreen on this area, or check it for cancer