Stem Cell Transplant Can Help HIV Patients Battling Lymphoma: Study

Outcomes after the therapy similar to those for patients who don't carry the virus

Timing of Zika Infection in Pregnancy May Be Key to Birth Defect Risk

Colombian study found no cases of microcephaly when infection occurred in 3rd trimester

5 Diet Drugs: Which Ones Work?

Side effects are one consideration, study says

Brains of Teens With Type 2 Diabetes May Have Gray Matter Differences

Scans showed variation compared to teens without the blood sugar disease, researchers report

Breast-Feeding a Boon to Preemies' Hearts: Study

Improvements seen in function and size 20 years later

Diabetes Drug Victoza May Help the Heart: Study

Daily, injected medication shows 'encouraging' results in international trial

FDA Approves New Weight-Loss Device

Surgically implanted port allows obese patients to drain some contents from stomach after meal

Got a Spare 15 Minutes? A Little Exercise May Boost Life Span

Study finds even modest daily workouts make a difference for older adults

Gun Injuries More Often Fatal Now, Study Finds

ERs seeing more severe wounds and deaths than they used to, researchers report

Health Highlights: June 14, 2016

  • Sales of Zecuity Migraine Skin Patches Halted

  • Kellogg Snack Products Recalled

  • Gay Men Outraged Over Inability to Donate Blood For Shooting Victims