Too Much TV While Younger May Hamper Middle-Aged Brain

Low levels of physical activity also tied to decreased mental function later in life, study finds

1 in 8 American Adults Still Have High Cholesterol: CDC

Many don't meet targets, and expert says even those targets aren't good enough to prevent heart attacks

Cracking Knuckles Sets Off 'Fireworks' on Ultrasound

Bright flash shows up as gas bubble forms in joints, researchers report

Delayed Clamping of Umbilical Cord May Be Better for Preemies

Waiting 45 seconds was linked to enhanced motor skills among infants in study

Doctor Burnout Rates on the Rise

Surveys show a nearly 10 percent increase across a range of specialties in the U.S.

Ebola Blood Level May Predict Odds of Death, Study Says

Scientists hope findings will point toward more effective treatments

Health Highlights: Dec. 1, 2015

  • Hepatitis C Drug Maker More Concerned With Profits Than Patients: Senate Committee

  • Ethics of Human Gene Editing Focus of International Conference

  • Cheaper Alternative to Turing's Pricey Daraprim Soon Available

Health Tip: Use Antibiotics Wisely

Here are potential risks

Health Tip: Watch What You Eat

Keep a food journal

Higher Cigarette Taxes Tied to Fewer Infant Deaths

U.S. study suggests pregnant women may be less likely to smoke if tobacco prices are higher