45-Minute Class Helps Middle Schoolers Master CPR Basics

They retained the info months later, even without a refresher session, study found

Donor Kidneys More Likely to Be Discarded on Weekends: Study

Lower staffing levels at hospitals, not organ quality, is likely reason why, researcher says

Kidney Disease Rates Have Stabilized in U.S., Study Finds

Experts credit improved treatment of 2 leading causes: high blood pressure and diabetes

Lifesaving Defibrillators Often Behind Locked Doors, Study Finds

Devices that shock heart rhythm back to normal were not available 25 percent of time in emergencies

Many Who Survive Cardiac Arrest Don't Suffer Brain Damage

Research finds that 84 percent of survivors retain their mental function

Could Brain Stimulation Be a Way to Weight Loss?

Small study suggests promise, but one expert finds the idea 'alarming'

Doctors Often Flub Achilles Tendon Diagnosis, Review Finds

1 in 4 ruptures missed during initial exam, but most patients still do OK, researchers say

Each 1-Day Delay in Hospitalization Ups Risk of Ebola Death

Researchers analyzed nearly 1,000 cases reported over four decades

Gratitude May Be Key to Wedded Bliss

How you feel about your marriage hinges on whether you feel appreciated by your spouse, study finds

Health Highlights: Nov. 6, 2015

  • Climate Change Could Affect U.S. Birth Rate: Study

  • Girl's Cancer Reversed After Breakthrough Gene Therapy

  • Live Tapeworm Removed From Man's Brain

  • Pfizer Boosts Financial Help for Patients

  • States Must Give Poor People Access to New Hepatitis C Drugs: Federal Government

  • New HIV Therapy Approved by FDA