Fewer Americans Struggle With Medical Bills: Report

Researchers credit Obamacare, but difficulties persist for uninsured and people with high deductibles

First Case of Zika-Linked Glaucoma Diagnosed in Infant

Brazilian baby developed vision-threatening condition after being exposed to virus in womb

Health Highlights: Nov. 30, 2016

  • FDA Approves Large Studies of Ecstasy to Treat PTSD

  • 9th Case of Paralysis-Causing Syndrome in Washington State

  • Millions of Dehumidifiers Recalled Due to Fire Risk

Health Tip: Build Your Child's Healthy Plate

Make sure the child has nutritious meals

Health Tip: When You're a Caregiver With a Full-Time Job

Be realistic about what's possible

It's Never Too Late to Stop Smoking

Even quitting in your 60s can add years to your life, researchers find

Kidney Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Early Trial

93 percent had tumor growth controlled for median of more than 8 months, researchers report

Lack of Sleep Takes Big Bite Out of World Economies

More than $411 billion a year lost in U.S. due to lower productivity levels, study finds

Standing or 'Easy' Walks May Help Type 2 Diabetics Control Blood Sugar

Study counters notion that vigorous exercise is key to battling the illness

Testosterone Therapy May Be Linked to Serious Blood Clots

Risk peaks in the first 6 months of hormone treatment, but overall odds are low, study finds