Five Local Zika Cases Reported in Miami Beach

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says 5 cases of locally transmitted infection have occured in the tourist spot

Genes Might Explain Hispanics' Added Longevity

Differences in 'genetic clock' may help them age more slowly than other ethnic groups, study finds

Health Highlights: Aug. 19, 2016

  • Swine Flu Confirmed in 8 People in Michigan

  • Genetic Test Results for Heart Problem Often Wrong in Blacks: Study

  • FDA Issues Safety Warning About Wen Hair Products

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Men alone tend to choose an extreme option, study contends

Kitchen Cooking Burns a Real Danger for Kids

Establish a 'no kid' zone in part of your kitchen to keep little ones safe

Possible Cases of Local Zika Transmission in Miami Beach

If confirmed, a health advisory against travel to the city by pregnant women may follow, unidentified source says

Put Vaccines on Kids' Back-to-School List

Immunizations protect against potentially devastating childhood illnesses: FDA

Richer Houses Home to Wider Range of Bugs

Lush landscapes draw insects to the best neighborhoods, researchers say