Health Highlights: July 28, 2015

  • Selfie With Rattlesnake Leads to Huge Medical Bill

  • South Korea MERS Outbreak Over: Prime Minister

Health Tip: Offer Support to Seniors

Particularly when they're dealing with loss or change

Health Tip: Protect Your Heart From Stress and Depression

Choose a healthier way to cope

Heart Disease, Alzheimer's Linked by Common Risk Factors

Study finds diabetes, smoking and obesity also affect brain areas tied in memory

Psychiatric Woes Often Drive Euthanasia Requests in Belgium

Depression, personality disorders are some reasons people ask to die: study

Standing All Day at Work? It May Take Toll on Health

Experiencing lower-limb muscle fatigue daily may have long-term consequences, study suggests

After Breast Cancer, Many in Appalachia Say No to Lifesaving Drugs

Access to care, not insurance, is a key issue, researcher says

Americans Becoming More Accepting of Gays, Lesbians, Study Finds

More people are genuinely changing attitudes, and not just bowing to cultural pressures

Are Hospitals Overusing Neonatal Intensive Care?

Study found newborns admitted to these expensive units were bigger, less premature than in prior years

Big Swings in Blood Pressure Could Spell Trouble

Wide fluctuations between doctor visits tied to raised odds of heart disease, early death, study says