Stretches for Your Lower Legs

Stretching can keep your lower legs limber and your joints pain free.

Swing’s the Thing

Dance and fitness instructors say swing dancing or swing aerobics can elevate your heart rate quickly.

Tai Chi: Exercise for Mind and Body

Tai chi is called a mind-body type of exercise because it combines meditation, focused breathing, and physical movement. Because it’s also a low-impact exercise, it may be particularly well suited for older adults, but it’s a beneficial exercise for people of all ages.

Take a Lap With Indoor Cycling

In indoor cycling workouts (also known as spinning classes), participants ride stationary bicycles specially designed to mimic outdoor bikes.

Target Your Heart Rate for Better Health

By knowing your heart rate, you can gauge how fit you are and whether you're working out at a moderate pace.

Teach Teens to Stretch

An adolescent athlete can never stretch too much, experts say. Stretching to stay flexible is vital -- particularly when a child reaches puberty and goes through a growth spurt.

The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Fitness

Want to go out and play? Here are some ideas.

The No-Excuse 30-Minute Workout

Got half an hour? Then you have time to boost your heart health and manage your weight.

Think Before Buying a Treadmill

Before you buy a treadmill or any piece of equipment, stop to figure out what kind of exercise you enjoy.

Treadmill Routines Make Indoor Exercising Less Routine

Here are some workout ideas to keep your treadmill workout creative.

Treating a Minor Sports Injury

Whether it's a twisted ankle, a shin splint or a strained muscle, when should you see a doctor for a sports injury?

Try Team Sports for Fun and Fitness

Many people find exercise more rewarding when they can share the experience with others.

Using Dumbbells for a Fast and Effective Workout

Dumbbells, one of the most underrated and versatile types of exercise equipment, can help you build strength and muscular endurance.

Using Free Weights for Resistance Training

Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Fitness

Fitness has a mental component, in addition to physical challenges. Even if you're in great shape, you can encounter intellectual obstacles that can decrease your motivation and stifle your performance.

Using Yoga to Relieve Stress

Yoga is one of the few stress-relief tools that has a positive effect on all the body systems involved.

Walking Works for Everyone

Walking is easy because you can do it almost anywhere and at any time. It also offers a range of health benefits.

Ways to Improve Your Workout

A proven way to improve your health is finding -- or making -- the time to exercise. But just going through the motions won't give you the health benefits you want.

Weight Room No Longer Off-Limits to Kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Sports Medicine now say that strength training is fine for kids, as long as they are supervised and don't try to lift too much weight.

Weight Training for Women

Misconceptions about weight training -- often based on unfounded fears of becoming too muscular -- can keep women from pushing their fitness levels.

When Exercising, Don't Skip Stretching

While it's true that stretching won't strengthen your heart or flatten your stomach, it can help you reach those goals more efficiently.

Why You Should Try Yoga

Yoga is a series of stretches and poses that you do with breathing techniques. It offers the powerful benefits of exercise. And since yoga is gentle, almost anyone can do it, regardless of your age or fitness level.

Work Out on the Water

With a sailboat, canoe, kayak, windsurfing outfit or pair of water skis, you can explore a whole new world of activities. Once you've embraced proper training and safety, you'll get a fine, fun workout.

Working Out in the Cold

Cold weather doesn't have to put a freeze on your outdoor exercise program. If you take precautions, you can still work out when the weather turns chilly.

Workouts to Help Prevent Sports Injuries

It may not be always possible to avoid injury when playing sports, especially physical contact sports, but participants can help protect themselves by properly preparing before and after a game or practice session by warming up muscles and then stretching.

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