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Operation Renewal Facts

As part of our intent to provide an exceptional patient care environment, we've launched a major refurbishment effort throughout the hospital. While we are planning a complete replacement of the hospital facility, we will continue to renovate and maintain the current hospital facility at the highest patient care standards possible until the new facility is ready.

Routine cleaning
UK Hospital, through our new environmental services provider Medi-Dyn, Inc., employs about 100 environmental services or housekeeping staff. Each UK Hospital patient room is thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.

Fall cleaning and maintenance
However, for the next several weeks UK Hospital will be completing the type of maintenance of patient rooms that is not possible to provide while the rooms are occupied. Since the hospital has been experiencing high patient volumes, we have determined we should no longer wait for rooms to become vacant in order to proceed with our work. In order to complete the maintenance, UK Hospital will relocate patients to lesser utilized areas of the hospital while areas that have been continuously occupied are revamped.

Renovations will include painting, repair/replacement of furniture and deep cleaning.

Impact on patients & visitors
Before the patient moving process began, medical staff and hospital administrators devised plans to ensure the comfort and safety of each patient. This included ensuring that suction and oxygen were available and in proper working order in each room and that call lights, televisions and telephones are in proper working order.

If you currently have a family member or friend in UK Hospital, you can be assured that patient care will not be compromised by this project. Only a couple of units at any one time will be involved. Nurses and other caregivers will move with their patients. Every effort has been expended to ensure patients are safe and comfortable when moved. Our admitting system will track the new location of any relocated patients so family and friends can find them in their new location.

When our renovations are complete, we will have an improved patient care environment. Thank you for your patience during this process.

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